Digital Prism Privacy Policy

Digital Prism does not collect any information from you.

Digital Prism uses the following two Windows Capabilities:

Your internet connection

Your internet connection is used to check for firmware updates for your Hue Bridge and Hue lights. If you don't want your internet connection to be used for this, don't enable automatic checking for updates. Automatic checking is off unless you have already turned it on with another app or turn it on in the Bridge Settings page in Digital Prism.

Your home network

Digital Prism uses your home network to communicate with the Hue Bridge. Digital Prism also uses the DisplayName you log into your PC with to create a user account on the Hue Bridge. More information on DisplayName You can see your DisplayName under the Users section on the Bridge Settings page.

As of version - Digital Prism writes a logfile to local storage on your PC.

Sending logs

On the bridge settings page, Digital Prism makes it easy to send an email with the logfile attached (to support for troubleshooting). The logfile contains the following personal information:

  • The IP address of the Hue Bridge on your network
    • the internal IP address used on the network's NAT - if you're using a router, otherwise it might be an internet facing IP address
  • Your user account's displayName, as noted above
  • The names of your groups and scenes
  • How many lights are connected to the Hue Bridge

If you don't want to expose this information, don't email the logfile. Or, delete the sensitive information from the logfile before sending it. Digital Prism support will delete the logfile after troubleshooting the issue.