v1.1.0.0 release notes

Hello fellow Hue enthusiasts. Digital Prism is now available on the Windows Store. Get it here

Feature requests?

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v1.1.0.0 features

  • Connect and register with the Hue Bridge on your network
  • Set the color, saturation, and brightness of a light
  • Create groups of lights
    • Add and remove lights from groups
    • Set the color, saturation, and brightness of a group
  • Add new lights to the bridge
  • Optimized layouts for when the app is not fullscreen
  • Heartbeat task every minute to make sure you're connected
  • View bridge settings
    • View and delete bridge users
    • Enable automatic checking for firmware updates
    • Install firmware updates

Planned for the next update

  • Logging support so if you're having trouble or something isn't working you can send me logs so I can fix it
  • Scenes - create and save scenes where lights can each have a different color
  • Additional light effects like random and color loop


  • Only one bridge on a network is supported. Digital Prism will just pick the first one it finds.