v1.2.0.0 release notes

Version has a couple fixes and two new features

  • Minor bug fixes
  • The ability to view and email a logfile if you're encountering problems with the app
  • Scenes - create a new scene, add lights to it, then set the color of each light in the scene individually

Email a logfile

If something isn't working right, let me know! Go to Bridge settings, then hit the email button to launch a Share flow with the logfile attached. Send an email to digitalprismsupport@tylerdonahue.com.

The privacy policy for Digital Prism has also been updated to detail what information logfiles contain.


Now, in addition to lights and groups, you can create a scene. A scene works like a group - create one, name it, then add lights. However, unlike a group, each light can be set individually - on or off, a color, and how bright. Then, tapping that scene on the home screen will send those commands to all the lights in that scene. If you don't want a scene to change a light, don't add that light to the scene. From the home screen, tap the edit button to change the scene settings.